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„Mościbrody” Sp. z o. o. Meat Works Ltd. have been functioning on the market since 1996. We are responsible for the full production cycle from buying in and slaughtering pigs, cattle and calves, cutting and packaging meat and smoked meat production within more than 100 product ranges.


We have implemented cattle and pigs contracting system. The long-term, successful cooperation with our regular customers is the best reference mark for the quality and standards of the products we sell. High quality and high culinary applicability are the characteristics distinguishing the meat from Mościbrody Sp. z o.o. Meat Works. The certainty of origin is also one of the features distinguishing it, because it is mainly supplied by farmers from the territory of Mazowsze, Podlasie and Lublin Region. Our facility has confirmation of the animals’ origin from breeding where classic methods have been maintained and balanced feeding and wellness of the animals have been taken care of. Moreover, artificial additives improving the meat quality have been eliminated at the stage of processing. For the sake of our customers’ safety, quality control systems, such as HACCP, GHP and GMP are functioning in our Facility.

The implementation of the said systems assures the control over the high quality and safety of the products. „Mościbrody” Sp. z o.o. is a member of:

- The Association of Butchers and Meat Processors in Poland ( SRW RP)

- The Union of Producers and Employers of the Meat Industry ( UPEMI)


In 2011 Mościbrody Sp. z o. o. was rated by Intertrek Certification Ltd and met the BRC standard requirements.


In 2014 the Facility met the requirements of the QAFP system in the scope of the industrial book „Smoked Meat. Production and Quality Requirements” in the processing area.


The sales cover the European Union countries and the eastern

markets. The facility holds numerous exporting licences

and cooperates on the following markets:

- The United Kingdom

- Sweden

- The Netherlands

- Belgium

- Germany

- France

- Italy

- Spain

- Czech Republic

- Slovakia

- Hungary

- Bosnia , Serbia , Macedonia

- Slovenia

- Turkey

- Romania

- Lithuania

- Latvia

- Estonia

- Belarus

- Ukraine

- Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

- Kazakhstan, Georgia

- Russia

- Hongkong


In 2012 the Company signed an agreement with Ministry of Economy under the project „Growth of exporting potential of „Mościbrody” Meat Works Ltd.” to the markets of: Germany, France, Ukraine, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.


Mościbrody Sp. z o. o. wait for export licences to China, Korea, Singapore and Vietnam.


The products with „Mościbrody” logo win awards in numerous competitions and food fairs, both in Poland and abroad. Our products have won the prestigious award „Poznaj Dobrą Żywność” [“Try Good Food”].


„Mościbrody” Sp. z o. o., within the continuous development strategy participates in international exhibitions and food fairs. It enables contribution in promoting the top quality Polish food and implement global production trends to maintain the top quality and best taste of our products.


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„Europejski Fundusz Rolny na rzecz Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich:

Europa inwestująca w obszary wiejskie”.

Nazwa operacji: Promocja produktów wytwarzanych zgodnie z systemem jakości Jakość Tradycja oraz Systemem Gwarantowanej Jakości Żywności QAFP realizowaną w ramach poddziałania „Wsparcie działań informacyjnych i promocyjnych realizowanych przez grupy producentów na rynku wewnętrznym” w ramach Programu. Cel operacji: Cała operacja ma na celu pogłębianie wiedzy i świadomości konsumentów, zwiększenie rozpoznawalności i poprawę wizerunku kiełbasy chłopskiej z Mościbród, wieprzowiny z rasy Wielka Biała Polska i ekologicznych indyków rzeźnych oraz systemu „Jakość Tradycja” oraz Systemy Gwarantowanej Jakości Żywności QAFP Nazwa działania: Działanie 3 Systemy jakości produktów rolnych i środków spożywczych poddziałanie 3.2 Wsparcie działań informacyjnych i promocyjnych realizowanych przez grupy producentów na rynku wewnętrznym.