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Quality and Safety

We have always put immense stress on product quality ever since our Facility was established.

We work with proven pig and cattle farms. We have a modern meat cutting line. Due to constantly growing customer requirements and to meet the European Union requirements, our Company modernizes the machinery fleet on an ongoing basis. The implementation of the HACCP system has enabled us to maintain the high quality of our products. The facility has the following management systems implemented:

   The HACCP System

  The Good Hygiene Practices (GHP)

   The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  BRC ( British Retail Consortium)

  QAFP  (Quality Assurance for Food Products)


Pork is the major type of meat consumed in Poland. Basing on the estimates of the Analyses and Programming Bureau of ARR (Agricultural Market Agency), in 2009 each statistical Pole ate 41 kg of pork. High popularity of pork means a temptation to increase or accelerate its production, frequently at the cost of the quality of products that reach our tables. The management systems have been implemented in order to increase the trust to pork products and assure their high quality. The basic target of our company is the production of high quality pork meat with low fat content, maintaining the meat quality parameters that are important for the consumers. The production must respect the animals’ wellness and health principles as well as that of natural environment.

The high quality of the products and sureness about the source of their origin are the characteristics more and more often searched for by the consumers. Obtaining confirmation of maintaining high production standards, the customers are willing to buy meat at our stores, which translated into their image.

The characteristics that distinguish our meat include:

  High quality

The pork meat produced at our Facility is distinguished by properties appreciated by the consumers:

  • has a nice color, is characterized with low fat content,

  • is crunchy, tasty and juicy

  • has a high culinary and processing usability.

  Reliable origin

The raw material is acquired from the region of Mazowsze, Podlasie and Province of Lublin. It holds certificates confirming its origin from breeding farms where classis methods have been applied and balanced nutrition and wellness of the animals have been taken care of, while at the processing stage any artificial measures aimed at improving the meat quality have been eliminated.


The quality inspection within the management systems implemented comprises two independent stages:
- the self-inspection stage through regular data recording at each pork production stage

- independent inspection stage carried out by a notified certification body

The mission of our Company as a manufacturer of smoked meat and pork and beef is to deliver to the Customers products that meet their requirements and expectations. We would like the consumers to associate our Company with healthy food of excellent taste and nutritive values, acquired from ecologically clean regions of Mazowsze, Podlasie and the Province of Lublin.
We fulfill the target through:

  • Observance of food legislation in the scope of food safety.

  • Implementation and maintenance of Integrated Food and Food Safety Management System compliant with the requirements of: PN – EN ISO 9001, PN – EN ISO 22000 as well as the Standards applicable in the Company.

  • Maintenance and ongoing improvement of the functioning HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system.

  • Planned and regular conducting of physical and chemical, microbiological and organoleptic tests on finished products and raw materials.

  • Monitoring the processes the product quality and safety depend on.

  • Assuring optimal parameters for the raw material supplies.

  • Adaptation of the product range sold to the Customers’ needs and expectations.

  • Scheduled training of all the staff in the scope of the management systems applied.

  • Meeting the environment protection requirements.


We declare that the quality policy is communicated, implemented and maintained on all the organization levels and that such policy is supported by measurable targets.

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